Why herbal protein bar is better than a protein shake?

Why herbal protein bar is better than a protein shake?

Before we go to know the reason why herbal protein bar is better than protein shake you should know first that what is protein actually? Protein is an essential macronutrient for proper cell growth and to keep your body functioning well.

It is composed of amino acids that break down in the body and fuel the muscles to build it up. Humans can consume protein from different foods like peanuts, eggs, fish, beef, dairy products, etc.

But it is hard to carry all foods along with us everywhere. Moreover, such food needs to be consumed as soon as possible as the life span is really short. You cannot keep milk outside for 24 hours in Indian weather.

Now let’s come to the topic. Benefits of protein bar over a protein shake.

  • Easy to handle:- The protein bar comes in hard form so it is easy to keep in your pocket as well during a workout. Protein shakes are hard to carry. You have to keep a big shaker which is not feasible.
  • Better macronutrient and micronutrient balance:- Protein bars are usually more than only protein. They also give you fibre, micronutrients, and a better carb: protein: fat ratio than shakes.
  • Convenience and Accessibility:- You can purchase the protein bar in the normal market easily as well and consume it. But you cannot have the ready-made protein shake anywhere.

You must have heard many brands of a protein bar but Musclife’s protein bar is one the most growing brand in this field. Musclife protein bar comes in 5 unique flavors.

Musclife Blueberries Protein Bar

Musclife Chocolate Protein Bar  

Musclife Cream & Cookie Protein Bar 

Musclife Fruits & Nut Protein Bar

Musclife Peanut Butter Protein Bar

Protein Bar is something you love to have, especially when you look to have post-workout snacks or running late for a meeting, or just simply a dietary addition to your daily life.

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